$MYFAIRWIN is the official MyFairWin Token and can be traded on DEX and CEX. Utility focused and community driven.

100.000.000 TOTAL
60.000.000 Pancakeswap LP
20.000.000 MyFairWin Safe*
15.000.000 Reward Fund**
5.000.000 Team Token***

15% Tax
– Auto Reward for Holders
– Auto LP Increase
LP Locked for 3 years (will be extended)

  • *MyFairWin Safe will be locked for further DEX / CEX Listings.
  • **Reward Fund will be only used for rewards. We offer severals ways to earn rewards. To credit certain activities this wallet will be used.
  • ***Team Token, only used to 

– Platform, Smart Contracts
– Jackpot Lottery, Scratch to Win, Play to Earn
– Stacking & Faming

– DEX and CEX Listing
– Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Livecoinwatch Listing
– Ads and Influencer, Promoted Articles and more!

As we are a community driven project, directions and future projects will be voted via holder polls.

Buy & Hold on Pancakeswap!
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