1 Million $USD Crypto Jackpot

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The biggest BSC Crypto Jackpot ever since! Decentralised lottery.

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The 1.000.000 $USD Crypto Jackpot

100.000x with one ticket!

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Description: MyFairWin is a decentralised jackpot lottery. Based on smart contracts and web3/Dapp GUI interfaces. $MyFaWi are traded on pancakeswap, deflationary with focus on utility. You can create an account or stay anonymously. Once all tickets were sold, the contract selects random winners. 1 x 1 Million USD & 5.000 NFTs can be won.



1.) Buy $MyFaWi on

2.) Visit MyFairWin.com

3.) Exchange 1.000 $MyFaWi with Jackpot Tickets 


4.) Hodl $MyFaWi and get amazing rewards!


The jackpot prizes will be sent via bsc network as USDT. If no account was created, no notification can be sent to the winners. The prizes will be payout anyway automatically by the contract. Good luck!

If any questions appear, feel free to ask!


3 reviews for 1 Million $USD Crypto Jackpot

  1. nftcollector (verified owner)


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  2. nftcollector (verified owner)

    Good luck everyone!

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  3. CryptoBoyzz (verified owner)

    Hope I win it -.-

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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